About Us

FAIRDEAL DRIVING INSTITUTE the inheritance of comprehensive driving aspirantís destination is a simulator-assisted and technology-enabled training Centre in Anantnag. For anyone with a desire to learn to drive, we are here to make you hospitable from the very beginning, for you to learn and enjoy the art of driving and everything related to being assertive.

FAIRDEAL DRIVING INSTITUTE is a greatly entrusted pioneer of legacy in the field of building qualified drivers and operators. Entitled as the first heavy driving institute. Taking pride in our greatest accomplishment, we are renowned for being the biggest driving institute for multi-branded new-generation cars and two-wheelers. The prime focus FAIRDEAL DRIVING INSTITUTE is on providing an intuitive driver training system along with high-quality automated services. The training program commences with making the trainees understand the importance of traffic laws and road safety to the responsibilities of being a driver, navigating intersections, following proper distance, teaching failure to yield issues, changing lanes and turning, avoiding rear-end collisions, pedestrian rights, proper parking and defensive driving instructions.